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Who We Are

The History of TRAIN

The Beginning of a Dream

It's hard to believe that TRAIN began way back in 1983. It was birthed out of a small interdenominational group of Christian Education directors who met monthly for fellowship and professional support. After a couple of hours of networking and a couple of cups of coffee, it was only a matter of time before they began to dream larger than their immediate meeting. This group felt the need to invest in the larger Christian community and, after much deliberation, TRAIN came into being. TRAIN 1983 began at First Alliance Church and, to God's glory, was attended by 250 people – which exceeded everyone's expectations for a first-time event. TRAIN has equipped, motivated and blessed many over the years in the braoder Christian community, mainly throughout southern Alberta.

Still Dreaming

TRAIN has an historical background worth honouring and remembering. As the baton is passed on to new committe members, we hope we will be able to add another year of service as we continually look forward to encourage, train, provide purpose-filled resources and develop Christian workers and leaders.


As a TRAIN participant, you will be experiencing the efforts of many hours of service – and we think you are worth it. At the end of the weekend, we trust and pray that you will walk away encouraged in the Lord, having received something specific to take back to that place where you are the server. Thank you for becoming part of the dream.

Join Us!

At the heart of TRAIN there is a group of volunteers

Moving Toward a Goal

On a monthly basis, a volunteer team meets to take on a particular TRAIN ministry description (or portfolio) so that the dream of having another TRAIN Conference becomes a reality. It is a commitment to something larger than our immediate responsibilities and schedules.

Part of a Team

A significant aspect of TRAIN is the networking and the support we receive from each other. Originally, the TRAIN committee grew out of a networking support group of individuals involved in various Christian Education ministries. This is still a viable component of our monthly meetings as ideas are shared and friendships are developed. That is how TRAIN began  – from a group of people who had a desire to do something beyond themselves for the broader Christian Education community. Together, every year, they commit themselves to the team.

An Invitation

Consider joining our team. Serving on the TRAIN committee is an opportunity to serve – however, as in most serving opportunities, it is truly more blessed to give than receive. You will walk away encouraged, challenged, rejuvenated, refreshed with more ideas and resources, and, most of all, new friends.

A couple of hours per month.
A weekend in the fall.
A desire to serve.
A passion to see others equipped to serve well.
Most of all, a heart to trust God.
That's all it takes!

Current Committee Members

Partner Institutions

TRAIN is very pleased to be working with these colleges & universities:

Alberta Bible College
Ambrose University College
Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary
Prairie Bible Institute
Rocky Mountain College

Contact TRAIN

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Calgary, AB  T2V 0N7
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