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TRAIN 2007 Conference – November 3

The TRAIN 2007 Conference is now over. We trust and pray that you found encouragement in the Lord, and that you will continue to build up the body of Christ in your ministry area.

Welcome to TRAIN 2007!

Here in Calgary these days, it is almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing signs of construction, road repairs, renovations. Like our roads and new housing developments, TRAIN is in a transition stage. Various factors have led us to realize that it is time to re-evaluate the way we've been doing the conference – to undergo renovations, if you will. We strongly believe that God began a good work 24 years ago when TRAIN began, and that He will continue that good work of empowering and energizing today's Kingdom volunteers.

For those of you who have attended TRAIN in the past, you will notice three major differences in the "renovations" to the conference:

The day will begin with a joint worship session, led by a worship team from one of our local Bible colleges. Three sessions, morning coffee break, a hot lunch, and a resource area round out the day. Opportunities for networking with others in similar areas of ministry lend themselves to continued connections for encouragement and idea-sharing after TRAIN ends.

We encourage you to look over this website, and make the decision to include TRAIN 2007 as part of your church's training and equipping ministry this fall. Be sure to take advantage of the October 15th early bird registration discount!

Partnering with you on the journey,

Yvonne Kern
Chair, TRAIN 2007

TRAIN: "Under Construction"

2007 is a transitional year for the TRAIN Conference. We have begun new relationships with a number of local Bible colleges, and we hope that these partnerships will enable us to offer new seminars, new presenters, new material and new features so that you may be better encouraged and equipped than ever before.

As with any relationship, though, it's going to take some time for us to get to know each other, to recognize our respective strengths, to learn to work with each other and to produce a vastly improved TRAIN Conference. We don't know for sure what future conferences will look like yet, but we're very excited about the possibilities – TRAIN is under construction!

So, what does this mean for 2007? We've heard the voices of those of you who've told us how important – how vital – the TRAIN Conference is to you and your ministries. Therefore, instead of temporarily closing our doors while renovations are under way, we're going to offer a somewhat more condensed conference this year. The focus will be on children's and youth ministries, and we'll be providing practical, relevant seminars for those who are serving in those areas. We're also striving to bring back the Resource Centre so that you'll be able to peruse curricula and reference materials.

We're especially grateful to those of you who've encouraged us to continue serving and ministering to you all. Hopefully, the dust will have settled by 2008 and the newly-constructed TRAIN Conference will bless your ministries in ways that have not yet been imagined – until that day, though, we thank you very much for your patience, support and prayers.

Kevin Woodman
TRAIN Conference Webmaster

Attention, Ministry Leaders!

Theme: "Under Construction"
Date: November 3, 2007
Location: NEW!
Bethany Chapel
3333 Richardson Way SW
Calgary, AB

Regular: $55.00
Student: $35.00
Early Bird: $45.00
Group Rate: $40.00

See "Registration Information" for details.

Make a date for your ministry team at TRAIN 2007 – a  two  one-day conference for empowering and energizing Kingdom volunteers.

At TRAIN 2007 you will...

If your passion is for developing children and youth, there's something for you at TRAIN 2007.

Please contact us if you'd like more information.

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